As You Are: The Looper Sessions

by Jarvix

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Michael Martin
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Michael Martin I love this e.p. This feels like the calm before the magnum opus. Favorite track: As You Are.
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Shot entirely in single takes with filmmaker Jake Kelley, this four-video solo performance series features three new original songs and one alternate version of a selection from last year's Hugh Manatee album. A limited edition cassette release will feature the three new songs as they were performed in the videos.

(videos can be seen here:

As You Are: The Looper Sessions is about vulnerability and privacy, hope and hesitancy, light and dark. Using a looping pedal, overdubs stack in real time and capture a spontaneous balance of human imperfection and inspiration that comes with raw performance. This reflects ideas presented in the song lyrics, which explores the isolation of safety and the nervous excitement of new ventures.

This project is a message to people, introverts and extroverts alike, who face internal battles that may keep parts or all of them in the shadows: you can be beautiful - and courageous - as you are.


released September 30, 2016

Written & performed by Evan Jarvicks

Videography for The Looper Sessions by Jake Kelley




Jarvix Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Quirky songwriter, resourceful musician, and root beer enthusiast.


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Track Name: Concrete Soul
My concrete soul is big and spacious
Serene, I rest inside
A place industrial, crustaceous
With echoes I confide
The lofty ceilings bar the wild
As does an iron door
That I've been tending since a child
I'll be tending evermore

My concrete soul feels half deserted
Though I'm all it has met
To be more open, extroverted
Would be my undoing...

My echoes argue with each other tonight
I cannot see my hands for lack of moonlight
The wind is roaring through my pores like frostbite
I long for someone's arms to make it alright

My concrete soul is big and spacious
With room to go around
Why must I find it so outrageous
To let my soul be...
Track Name: As You Are
The darkness takes you as you are
You can remove your layered clothes
You won't expose your every scar
No light will pour beams through your holes
Behind closed doors, no northern star
Will try to guide you or impose
The darkness takes you as you are
But it will take you, it will take you

So if you need those black skies
Please believe I understand
Just don't lose sight of my eyes
Don't let go of my hand
Track Name: Seattlesong
When I see you, I am taken by you still
In between your wild humors, colors fill
Honesty and quiet dreams and iron will
Decades pass, yet I am taken by you still

When I'm with you, I can't help but smile within
Your perspective bright with laughter's medicine
I decry the time that we part ways again
But as you fly on, I can't help but smile within

Seize the light, go now
Be the light, glow now
Seize the light, go now