Hugh Manatee & Other Favorites

by Jarvix

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released April 7, 2015

All songs written, performed, and mixed by Jarvix, except where noted.
My cat also plays jingle bell on many of these tracks, albeit uninvitedly

Photography by Chandler Watson
Cover design by Clint Walkingstick

To get your manatee fix, head over to
Their 24/7 live manatee webcam will massage your very soul with sea cow sweetness.


This work has no affiliation with the Coca-Cola Company or other corporations whose brands happen to appear on the trash I gathered for this project. Don’t sue me, plz.




Jarvix Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Quirky songwriter, resourceful musician, and root beer enthusiast.


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Track Name: Hugh Manatee
Hugh Manatee awakens at dawn
Or maybe it's the midnight moon's glare
What it may be, it greets with a yawn
Then rises to take in the fresh air

Hugh Manatee devours a quick bite
Just something to help fuel the day
Then ventures on out into the light
To contemplate and charter its way

The world can be
A sanctuary
An open sea
A fertile prairie

But Hugh Manatee is headed for peril
This path is a collisional course
If we cannot reform then soon there'll
Be nothing left to even endorse

The world can be
A sanctuary
An open sea
A fertile prairie

But it can be
Equally scary
Hugh Manatee
Can't live unwary
Track Name: Polyethylene
Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Starts 500 old in Fahrenheit
Stretch blown to a mold until just right
Then made to be cold with carbon di
Trimmed, packaged and sold by body type

Shipped hastily to the next address
Unpacked and in queue for fizziness
Quick spouts will retool its emptiness
For bubbly cool deliciousness

Sweet, bubbly cool deliciousness

Immediately it's sealed up tight
Warmed to a degree to match the site
Then labelled to be a known delight
For grocers to see and feature right

Then off to the store shipped by request
From back room to floor to dispossess
Hand carries it for the lane express
Its ready to pour deliciousness

Its ready to pour deliciousness

Goes into a fridge a couple nights
Brought out just to bridge some dinner bites
Loose cap and low fizz and melted ice
Tossed out before it's been read its rights

Goes out in a bag on garbage day
With nothing to flag its salvage pay
Lands up on a crag of disarray
Years might make it sag, but not decay

Tossed out before it’s been read its rights

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Track Name: The Running of the Pigs
Deep within one specific arm
Of a piggery
Sprung one pig's plan to escape it's barn
Set the others free
Then run so far from that fatal farm
And its industry
That there would not be an ounce of harm
To its family

And when that plan had its day at last
One could sense the zeal
As that one pig worked the bars and passed
Through its pen of steel
Then one by one through the prison vast
Fractured every seal
'Til all were unpenned and had amassed
In a massive squeal

And then they took to the open gate
By the loading dock
That was on time to accommodate
A supply of stock
And off they went with the ordered trait
Of a shepherd's flock
To breach the fence and escape the fate
Of the chopping block

But as they ran out into the field
To the golden sun
They heard a faint call for them to yield
Their forbidden run
For their conspiracy was revealed
And their scheme undone
But their fate was far away from sealed
Not a single one

For this was the running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs!)
No halt to the running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs, run!)
The spirit of running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs!)
Shall watch o'er the running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs, run!)

They dashed through the meadows and the hills
Like a prairie herd
With all of the stamina that fills
Every migrant bird
But even with unexpected skills
They could not be spurred
To quite outrun all the hostile trills
Of the human word

For some of the farmers on the chase
Quickly rallied back
In big machines, picking up the pace
And regaining slack
'Til it seemed they'd terminate the race
With a fierce attack
But suddenly there appeared a space
And synthetic track

Where bicyclists zoomed across and smashed
In the farmer horde
And all the pigs squealed about and dashed
From the great dischord
Then fled from the park in such a flash
That they quite ignored
The traffic that honked its horns and crashed
As they journeyed forward

The city was unfamiliar land
To the baffled swine
This part of it not at all was planned
In their great design
But they did not have to understand
Every traffic sign
To know certain danger was at hand
Of the human kind

For this was the running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs!)
No halt to the running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs, run!)
The chaos of running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs!)
Will follow the running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs, run!)
Yes this was the running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs!)
No halt to the running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs, run!)
The spirit of running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs!)
Must watch o’er the running of the pigs, running of the pigs
(Run, pigs, run!)
Track Name: Fed Up
So Timmy's down the well
Ain't that swell
I don't care
('cause I'm fed up)

That boy can whine and yell
I ain't tell-
in' no one where
('cause I'm fed up)

I always get the brunt
Of the hunt
And I'm through
('cause I'm fed up)

Condemn me if you want
Let's see what stunt
You can do

And I'm findin' me a human that'll pamper me
Someone wealthy who'll shower me in luxury
Cashin' in all my poker chips of bravery
For a life liberated from anxiety

So Timmy found a bear
I won't be there
Best of luck
('cause I'm fed up)

This ain't free childcare
Don't you dare
Pass the buck
('cause I'm fed up)

Those bears tend to attack
So hurry back
('cause I'm fed up)

I won't be savin' jack
Grizzly snack
Ain't my trade

('cause I'm fed up)

And if you think I'm only ravin'
Then brother, you ain't even close
This tail ain't waggin', man, it's wavin'
Track Name: Snappy Brix
Glossy plastic multi-colored jumble
Like a Rorschach test
Some just see a mess, a senseless jungle
To be coalesced
Throw it in a bucket in a closet
Designate the space
Suitable for snappy brix and call it
Put back in its place

Others, though, they see potential
See the castles and the cars
Settings movie referential
Scenes unscripted as the stars

Are you one of the creators?
Anyone can be, you see
Don't give in to fun dictators
Live your own philosophy (philosophy, yeah)

Creation ought not be congruent
You have a mind for all to see
Let dreams become your very blueprint
And build all that you wish to be

You might build a house of seven stories
Of the most renown
But it's tough rebuilding former glories
When they tumble down
Whether it's a rickety foundation
Or an act of God
Best that you can do is calibration
Check which parts were flawed

Are you one of the creators?
With your snappy brix in hand?
Can you write off all your haters
'Cause they just don't understand?
And when certain bricks go missing
And you have to improvise
Or you're stuck in reminiscing
It could lead to your demise (to your demise, yeah)

Creation ought not be pursuant
But if you want your dreams to be
Develop them beyond a blueprint
And build a new reality
Track Name: I Love You, Root Beer
And I wanna drink you all day lo-ong
Track Name: Tesoro Escondido (feat. Dillon Kentworth)
So I’m drivin’ down the road, jivin’ to my man Beck
When a load bein’ towed on a locomotive trek
Kills my smile, leaves me idle while I’m hungry as heck
Won’t be munchin’ on my luncheon ‘til I cash my rain check

But it’s then when I see something out the corner to my right
It would otherwise be nothing were it not for my appetite
So’s I shifted reverse, breached the curbs, no signal light
And took a slot by the door; the lot was a poorly populated sight

I popped inside the diner; it was finer than expected
Like a winery treasure out in a desert undetected
A hostess greeted, seated me closest to the bar and swept it
Said “Our special’s New York Strip, I’ll have your chips in a second”

I poured through the options; they had a Mexican spice
Complete with sizzling concoctions and plenty pintos and rice
They worked with healthier ingredients, don’t need grease to entice
All that protein for little green, ‘twas oh so reasonably priced

I ordered fajitas and fast as cheetahs, they came pipin’
With handmade tortillas I had no reasons for gripin’
I took a bite and with delight I got my appetite hypin’
I devoured that steal of a meal and got my card swipin’

Said I’d happily map to be back at this locale again
Left a blue-chip tip and split with a placid abdomen
With windows dropped I opted for shades, on my face a valid grin
And with a whitey “alrighty” cruised mighty as a paladin

“ is a 20 minute drive and the place does not look too impressive from the outside. I would have never eaten here. But I am glad I did.”
-JM, Urbanspoon reviewer

So I sang out my praises: “It amazes! It’s a riot!
It’s under your budget, but don’t you judge it ‘til you try it
‘Cause the food is top notch hard to hopscotch by it
When it fits so healthily and wealthily into your diet”

An off-the-cuff mention got enough attention to
Form a party of hearties with no dissention in the crew
Made a plan to caravan to try the 7 mare stew
Or whatever’s there to take a chair and chew

But when at last we arrived, we were deprived of the reveal
We were surprised to find the sign disguised by improvised steel
With a realty marker, our trip got starker for real
The place was closed; how was I supposed to get my mateys a meal?

Their hunger definitely deafening as thunder claps
Overtook like militant nations, made their patience collapse
They wielded ballots like mallets; I yielded power to the chaps
So we ate the Colonel’s eternally bewitchin’ kitchen scraps
Track Name: Ode to a Reality Show Contestant
You tried out for your favorite show
You didn't know
How far you'd go
You always knew you'd do it, though
Despite unlikely odds

And hundreds, thousands, millions came
For much the same--
To play the game
And win a slice of TV fame
Amongst the D-list gods

Yet somehow you stood from the rest
They liked your zest
It passed the test
And you were granted your request
To make the final cut

They flew you out and brought you in
All pep and grin
And saccharin
'Cause now you stood a chance to win
You knew it in your gut

You settled into your new space
Felt out the place
And splashed your face
For in the morn began the race
For notoriety

And on the next day you were there
The lights and flair
Were everywhere
The crew allowed no time to spare
For inefficiency

The competition was a blur
You weren't quite sure
What place you were
And when the finish did occur
You found your team in last

And while you stood with jaw in slack
There formed a pack
Behind your back
That night those wolves sprung an attack
And so the votes were cast
And so the votes were cast
And so the votes were cast
And so the votes were cast

Now you're off the show
You're the very first one to go
We're sorry but it's time to pack your bags and go home...
Track Name: Let It Go
I gotta know
Why you crave this control
You're not running the show
And it gnaws at your soul

Let it go
Track Name: The Fourth Leaf
There once was a four-leaf clover,
Full of crippling self-awareness.
It took note of its tribe -- three leaves, as far as can be seen.
The clover stuck out in its field of many,
Like a sore thumb, it observed.
Why be a freak of nature
When one simple act of self-mutilation could solve the problem?
So, in an effort to fit in, it severed the fourth leaf
Before any outsider could happen upon it
Track Name: Wolfhaven
The woods were thick with wolves
As always they had been
But these days I was well-equipped and keen
I'd fashioned metal plates
To form a thicker skin
And kept a sword and dagger sharp and clean

But as I ventured on
Into the endless night
I happened on to something strange and new
Ahead a giant orb
Awash in yellow light
Began to draw and permeate my view

I cautiously approached
Inspecting every curve
Before I dared to step within the sphere
And when inside, I felt
My senses might unnerve
But then the glow insisted not to fear

The place was dry and warm
And guarded from outside
A haven for the weary, seemingly
I found a seat of plush
And, too, a table wide
With fresh hors d'oeuvres and wine set out for me

I freed my hands and feet
From dirty leatherwear
And took advantage of the kindness shown
It all could disappear
Into the frigid air
Before I'd properly made it my own

I tossed my armor off
I put my weapons down
I ate as many grapes as I could eat
Then fashioned with the leaves
A temporary crown
And flippantly kicked up my muddy feet

And all while unaware
The forest wolves had made
Their way to making circles round the orb
I didn't even see
The glow begin to fade
Within my haven, I was self-absorbed

The sphere began to thin
As it was destined to
And I began to sense the wooded cold
The seat became a shrub
The yellow turned to blue
The table just a log replete with mold

I sprang to consciousness
The wolves were all around
I stood there naked as a dying tree
My armor lay beyond
The pack, along the ground
And neither could I fetch my weaponry

So I just fled into
The forest night until
I found a limb's protection in the air
But hounded still the thought:
How could I hope to dwell
Inside a place that wasn't really there?
Track Name: The Realm of Your Mind
You dazzle fantastic
You beam like a lotus
So enthusiastic
The world's taken notice

Your surfaces glisten
But what lies behind it?
Perhaps if I listen
Intently, I'll find it

I wanna explore
The realm of your mind
Get into your core
See how it's designed

I wanna go swimming
With all your ideas
A pool that's brimming
With Ave Marias

I want a vast tour
All over your mind
But what makes me sure?
I'm going in blind

Proverbial closets
Of skeletal histories
Part of the composite
Of life's greater mysteries

I wanna explore
The realm of your mind
Get into your core
See how it's designed

I want a vast tour
All over your mind
But can I be sure
I'll like what I find?
Track Name: Just a Matter of Time
Just a matter of time 'til we roll right off of this cliff, honey
Just a matter of time 'til this river runs out
Just a matter of time 'til the irony becomes unfunny
Just a matter of time 'til we're rid of all doubt
So hold you hat, the ground is comin'

It's been comin', it's been comin' for ages
But it's easier to focus on the now
Now this river, now this river, it rages
'Cause the waterfall's just beyond the bow

La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la