Landlocked State

by Jarvix

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Amanda Christopher
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Amanda Christopher Tagged as "conscious rap" (among his many other talents), Jarvix proves time and again that you can move and groove to profound truths and razor sharp lyricism. This felt effortless AND powerful!!
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"Landlocked State" is the first non-comedic rap track from Oklahoma singer-songwriter Jarvix, but just because this one's serious doesn't mean it can't still be fun.

Written, performed, and produced by Evan Jarvicks

(contains a sample of "I Love the Nightlife" by Alicia Bridges)



If I didn't Internet, you bet I'd be a pet goldfish
Livin' in my set limits with a deadbolt wish
Swim 'round 'n 'round in picket fences
and sick religions with deadzone frequency

Enlightenment delinquency
Set fire the tent so we can see
Our environment sequencing
A circus to work us so burkas concern us so easily

Skies shrinkin', minds linkin', eyes blinkin', lies sinkin', wise thinkin'
Ignorance is bliss from whence the mist emits,
and its violence is two cents Lincoln

Cheap 'n passive commentary founded on limited scope
Quick, bleak, reactive, rounded as sticks in a slope
Might take your eyes if you guys go tumblin'
Fumble with the mumblin' puppets on the rivets 'n rope

Seen the globe through the screen of a xenophobe
Criticizin' people though our steeple's old, ceilin' low
What we like we'll hi-jack, then wisecrack on PC culture
As we track like a vulture, hack like a nematode

Either way it is spun, it is spun
It is done rapidfire as a tennis gun
glitched into overdrive, pummelin' that sober life
Nightly news at 5, O'Reilly "doin' it live"

Thoughts critical, thoughts analytical
Are drowned in soundbites save for the cynical
When brothers roughed up 'n snuffed in short intervals
Fluff stuff puffed to bluff is at a pinnacle

Cheap blog leap frog, fog lens permittable
Makin' news crews choose who's inhabitable
No exoduses, though, just gab political
And prejudices passed by the umbilical

We're in a landlocked state of mind
And a well-read news head's hard to find
In forward thinkin', we're so behind
We taste our reputation

It's a landlocked state of mind
That chains our pains to the vain divine
Like manifest destiny, it's a line
That's laced our irrigation

If I didn't meet philosophical voices topical
I'd have thought my voice top and optimal
Disagreement was hardly optional
In a small pond so far from nautical

My worldview was a diarama
That I got from my daddy and I got from my momma
And I got from my church and my school 'til my alma
mater cured my case of "Thanks, Obama"

And I'm not necessarily partisan
But fruits of my state got me warily harvestin'
Takin' stock of crock they terribly got us in
You tread on me your footwear'd better be moccasin

'Cause this is stolen land whose tears are many
Whose scars are furrowed in hillsides windy
Nations built on nations buried
A trail, a history of hardship carried

When they pooled all the natives in the land of the red
Imposed those territories, raised a hand, it was said
It was done, but the line in the sand had no cred
Cue the Land Run, cue the Dust Bowl, crops dead

Now we have no conscience about it
Eat an Indian taco with no sins to cloud it
Parade plaques of Jim Thorpe like it's a tell
But if he didn't football, would his token spend as well?

You're delusional, heartland America
If inclusional hearts can disparage ya
So call for walls and call it self defense
You'll always find exceptions, and you'll make it make sense, yeah

Borders aren't hard and fast 'til it suits ya
Economics -- our disaster recruits ya
To scapegoat neighbors' labors as frivolity
And fight for a freedom that's a freedom from equality

© 2017 Evan Jarvicks


released July 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Jarvix Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Quirky songwriter, resourceful musician, and root beer enthusiast.


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